Sometimes They Come Back

I got eaten by school, and though I'm back in school, I thought I'd at least twitch here while I was thinking about it. (Having made an RP outfit for a friend, and wanting to put it on my RP Outfits blog is actually what brought me here.)

"The Cerulean Spire" exists now, on Wyrmrest Accord. If you see them behaving badly, feel free to tell on them.

Casual but heavy RP group. We do some dungeon runs and other things together. We love going out 'hunting' for old world stuff together, too. Drops, etc. Blah blah.

In the future, I will have to try to remember to talk about my "Pacifist Challenge".


What's the Mats?


What's the Mats is a great little website for crafters. There are a dozen and a half ways to track the materials you need for a particular craft, but most of them involve far too much math for a person like me. Imagine my delight to find that What's the Mats will tell me just the raw materials I need! Warning about this: If you need an item crafted by another profession, you'll have to be aware of the Materials tree. What's the Mats will only provide you with the basic raw material list.

An example:

Say I wanted to craft a Pet Bombling. Frankly, Engineering can be the most convoluted crafting skill in the world. Here's a screenshot of the Pet Bombling materials (including a place for me to enter my server's costs/material - or in some cases, the amount I'm willing to pay per material (usually under market cost)):

In the upper right corner is a "View Materials Tree" button. For the Pet Bombling, this is what that pop up window looks like:

Here's where you can note that the copper for the Pet Bombling is not actually processed directly by the Engineer. It is needed to craft Delicate Copper Wire, which is a Jewelcrafter design, which is then used to make the Fused Wire by the Engineer.

Another fantastic feature is that you can put in a multiple number on the item page, and it will total up the materials, and the cost for you. It's a pretty quick out-of-game way to figure out your cost of production on those special crafts.

As is the case with MANY small sites that crop up here and there, What's the Mats runs the risk of disappearing in the crowd. Please pass the word around about this neat lil site. It's fast-loading, and very cleanly designed. That's more than I can say for a lot of other sites I've seen.

Give it a try and pass the word!


Old Spice @ Everyone

If you have never watched them, you really should. Really, really.



The Lich King

Back to your regularly scheduled program!

Tonight, I go in with a 10-man group, to face the Lich King some more. This will be our third night - we extended the lockout - trying to punch this sonuvabitch in the groin. Third time's a charm? We got him to phase 3, and honestly, it HAS to be easier to survive than the stupid Val'kyr's and the Lich King deciding to drop Defile *at the same time*. I don't care what the write-ups say about the encounter. MOST of the time, if the second defile didn't hit AT THE SAME TIME as the second Val'kyr... it came *before* the Val'kyr.

I have to admit, there's something disturbingly "pretty" about defile spreading and engulfing the entire platform.


Crazies Online vs Crazies Real World

There's been a lot of interesting reading in the course of the Real ID "fiasco", and one comment - in various forms - that I've read has occupied my brainspace lately.

"I'm not saying you can't run into crazies, but I've never had reason to assume that it's any more likely to happen online than in real life."
I encounter FAR more people in my day to day dealings online than I do in the real world. This may be "unique" to my situation, I admit, but the fact remains. I hardly leave my house, except for basic errands and I don't do those every day. I also do not walk around with my name over my head or on my shirt. To the majority of the people in the real world, I am just another moving obstacle to avoid. The difference in standing at a bus station and saying "I really hate X." and doing it on a forum or online where your real identity is posted along with your opinion is this:

The crazies online have information to work with. A 'permanent' imprint of your name and your opinion. Overtime, they can accumulate quite a bit of these opinions together and come to sometimes surprising and sometimes accurate conclusions about who you are as a person. At the bus stop? A small handful of people may hear you - they are likely to be strangers - and if they want to find out WHO you are, they are going to have to take public and possibly drastic action to do it. I maintain more anonymity on the street in a crowd of strangers in real life, than I do posting to a community of strangers on the internet - with or without my real name attached.

And the lasting nature of posts on the internet means that the chance of a crazy latching onto what you've said/posted... so much higher than the chances of some crazy in real life happening to hear what you said.

And let's face it. Crazies on the internet are a much more broad category. People who would be "normal" and reasonable in their real life dealings can turn into complete Jekylls when online.