What's the Mats?


What's the Mats is a great little website for crafters. There are a dozen and a half ways to track the materials you need for a particular craft, but most of them involve far too much math for a person like me. Imagine my delight to find that What's the Mats will tell me just the raw materials I need! Warning about this: If you need an item crafted by another profession, you'll have to be aware of the Materials tree. What's the Mats will only provide you with the basic raw material list.

An example:

Say I wanted to craft a Pet Bombling. Frankly, Engineering can be the most convoluted crafting skill in the world. Here's a screenshot of the Pet Bombling materials (including a place for me to enter my server's costs/material - or in some cases, the amount I'm willing to pay per material (usually under market cost)):

In the upper right corner is a "View Materials Tree" button. For the Pet Bombling, this is what that pop up window looks like:

Here's where you can note that the copper for the Pet Bombling is not actually processed directly by the Engineer. It is needed to craft Delicate Copper Wire, which is a Jewelcrafter design, which is then used to make the Fused Wire by the Engineer.

Another fantastic feature is that you can put in a multiple number on the item page, and it will total up the materials, and the cost for you. It's a pretty quick out-of-game way to figure out your cost of production on those special crafts.

As is the case with MANY small sites that crop up here and there, What's the Mats runs the risk of disappearing in the crowd. Please pass the word around about this neat lil site. It's fast-loading, and very cleanly designed. That's more than I can say for a lot of other sites I've seen.

Give it a try and pass the word!

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