Some updates

I've added some tabletop RPG blogs to my blogroll. The whole initial idea of a "makeover" for this space came up because I've found myself reading as many - if not more - tabletop gaming blogs than WoW blogs. Frankly, there's too much "this is the right way and the only way" out there in the WoW "blogosphere", and it's tiring.

Specifically, in the WoW Gold Blog realm where you can find out that the gold you spent on a vanity pet was "wasted". Or that the word "social" is a bad word. Feh. You don't even want to know how much gold I've thrown at vanity pets. (Can you say 9.2k gold on a Hyacinth Macaw? That's right! Why? Because it was my gold and I could. And I will enjoy the enjoyment that this pet will give to an avid pet collector friend of mine. That's even MORE right! I'm going to give it away. And I'm not wasting make-believe money.)

I'll be looking to update my RP outfits blog some more, now that I've discovered my mage has 36 robes in her bank, and another 10+ coming to her from an alt when I transfer it. And at LEAST another 3 robes I'm waiting to get my hands on for her. (Please, Blizzard, can we have a "closet" bank tab?)

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Sok said...

Oh come on now, you know full well that having the best belt for your Resto Druid will give you cleaner, whiter teeth.

I love min-maxers and rules lawyers when I'm trying to work through a rule set, because they're the best people to discover where your game is broken. In tabletop, these are the players that would look at you like you're an idiot for buying "Carpentry" as a skill when your rationale is simply "It makes sense for the character."

So, yeah, good for advice, but kind of obnoxious on long bus rides.