Alright - well. I was typing away, hit a button wrong, and everything I'd typed was eaten. Hurray.

Summary: "Rolecraft" = Roleplaying + Warcraft - Playing - War. WoW =/= My First RPG (MMO or otherwise). Expect content that reaches beyond WoW, but I promise to try and keep this a little more WoW oriented.

Not that the... what? three? people who read this will mind a little expansion of "content", right?


Sok said...

Heh. As I'm pretty clueless about a lot of the WoW material I'm fine with a broader focus. I don't comment a lot simply because I usually don't think I've got more to contribute than a grunt of assent. (CompUSA, for example, has been circling the same drain Circuit City oozed down for years now. I figure the contest cock-up has more to do with incompetence rather than sneakiness.)

If you want more readers, I suspect it's all about the networking. Either that, or say something horrifically incendiary. "John Smedley ate my niece" is on the low end of that scale.

Avaryse said...


I'm not terribly worried about "more readers", to be honest. I've seen what happens to regular bloggers and their legions of rabid fans/trolls.

Still, I appreciate you!