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For all that it matters, I made a post on the official WoW Suggestion forums...

Given the upcoming changes to the Vote-Kick system, and a recent experience of a friend, there are a few changes I'd like to see put into place:

--- AFK'ers: Because of the 30 minute debuff for leaving, I have seen plenty of people simply sitting down and going AFK, forcing the group to kick them. With the new system that "credits" a person for vote kicking, suddenly the system is penalizing the people who NEED to remove a problem member.

My suggestion would be to put in an AFK removal system, akin to the Battlegrounds. If a character goes AFK in a LFD group, a pop-up appears for all other members of a group. At which point the group can vote to remove or keep the AFK player. (Sometimes, emergencies happen and if someone needs to AFK and a group is considerate, they can opt to wait for that person.)

This removes the ability for people to abuse the system and "force" a group of players to remove them, and be 'credited' for their kicking.

--- "Teleport Out of Dungeon": Similar to the AFK example above, I have seen people simply leave the dungeon as a way to force the group to kick them.

My suggestion would be to put a timer on time out of the Dungeon. I believe 5 minutes is reasonable, if you need to leave to pick up a weapon (to change specs), or whatever else you may need to leave the dungeon to do. If you leave the dungeon and do not return within 5 minutes, you are removed from the group - no vote, nothing.

Also, as has been suggested a NUMBER of times: Remove the ability to leave a dungeon during combat. This has been abused ABUNDANTLY by some people to pull mobs with the intent of wiping a group, and then departing.

TLDR Version:
Non-Credited Vote to Kick AFKers.
Automatic removal of members outside of the dungeon for more than 5 minutes.
No more leaving group/dungeon while in combat.

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