I'm a Vulture!

Yesterday, I looked at utilizing my enchanting to post some scrolls of enchant on the market. Some enchants are OBVIOUSLY for twinks these days (Crusader being a big one of those, as it can be applied to Heirloom weapons)... while looking at the prices, I see the average sale price is roughly 200g for the scroll of enchant. I think that's perfectly reasonable, frankly.

Below someone posted at the market standard is another gentleman (I use the term loosely), posted at something like 98 or 99g. Looking at the materials on the AH, it was obvious that if I bought those, then the parchments to make the scrolls, my cost of production would be very close (over if I wanted to make more than just a couple) to his selling price. So I did what anyone in my position SHOULD do. I bought out the under-market scrolls of enchant and reposted a couple of them nearer to the market value.

Today, I received this lovely letter, with a Resilient Parchment attached. (I kept the parchment. What a bargain, he tells me off and gives me a free 40s+ while spending 30c to do it.) The picture includes what is actually my second letter to him. In my first, not nearly as satisfying, I responded with a thanks for the parchment and wishing him a great day. Then I went to the AH and bought out his again-undercutting by quite a bit (he posted roughly at 65% of the market value) scrolls.  THEN, not feeling good about what a total jerk the guy was (if he had been polite, I probably would have been nice in return, but not now), I sent the note you see in the screenshot below.


Sok said...

Something I said back in Star Wars Galaxies is applicable here:

"I actually *do* play PvP. I'm a Merchant."

(One of the reasons I don't think Item Malls/Gold-For-Cash systems work well alongside games that have player economies. Screws with the way the economy works.)

Avaryse said...

I had a comment! Grr, sometimes I hate this site.

For all his high & mighty talk about posting things at a certain value so people don't get ripped off, his postings of the very same scrolls are at least 30g more today than when I bought him out.

To pull the philanthropy card to try to guilt me into stopping making profit off his laziness/stupidity/greed (undercutting so low, trying to push competition out, only to be bought out by new competition?)...

It makes me laugh. Heartily.