Silvermoon Academy - Crushing Hopes

Silvermoon Academy has once again proven to me that every RP event they hold is going to devolve into a bunch of e-peen waving and a lot of students, and even professors pulling out the "lolauthority" play. What's that?

It's when your character shows 0 respect for authority in an organization they've agreed to roleplay in.

For me, this is an outright display of disrespect not only in character but out of character.

"Oh, the school guard has put one of our violent professors into a holding cell for the night, due to his near murderous attack on another student. But we like him because he's charismatic and winks at us and everything he does is cute and charming, despite him being a rotting corpse! And we don't like that he's being held so... hmm, I know it's been an hour or so since he was arrested, but I'm going to say I'm a Farstrider and since the attack happened outside the gates of the city... I'm pulling rank and taking him into Farstrider custody! Oh, you're invoking your guild rank and telling me no? I don't care. I'm going to walk on past you, after basically ignoring the Captain of the Guard, and the Headmaster of the school (in which I am only a STUDENT), and I'm going to RP with the NPCs in the area, who will free my psychotic friend, so everything you guys have done all night is negated! especially after he's the guy who interrupted a good RP event by spazzing out!"

And this is apparently fine. "At least she isn't breaking him out." Yes, she is.

But whatever. Silvermoon Academy - this is what you're showing people who want to join your guild and who actually have standards for RP. The bullshit you put up with, even cultivate, is too much for someone with any amount of good RP experience and self respect to endure.


Sok said...

Minor aside: Looking over WoWWiki (which I'm guessing, like most Wikis, is of uncertain definitiveness, but still), I see this: "Of all the blood elves, Farstriders carried a deep resentment towards the Horde. They went out of their way to slay trolls, even those of the Horde. They hate the undead as well, they didn't like the fact that the Horde let the Forsaken into their ranks." So, yeah, take that corpse into Farstrider custody. I'm sure he and your commanding office will have plenty to talk about.

I'm seeing the Magic Circle getting broken here in two ways:

1) Making up crap that gives your character unearned authority:
"I'm a Farstrider!"
"Oh yeah? Well I'm the daughter of the Ranger-General!"
"Oh yeah? Well I'm the *brother* of the Ranger-General, and I, ahm, am slated to succeed him!"
"Oh yeah? Well I'm the goddamn Lucifer Lightbringer!"

2) Writing the NPCs as if they're on your side, especially if they're probably antipathetic to you. The owner's kicked you out five times, but you decide the bouncer likes you more than his job for some reason and lets you in anyhow -- especially since the player of the owner is at a job interview and isn't online now...

Yeah, someone in that guild needs to step up and just drop OOC: "No, actually, the guards don't do that. You RP a student, I RP the school's Captain of the Guard, and as such if anyone around here gets to write the NPC guards -- it's me. Next in line would be the Headmaster. You... probably somewhere around fifteenth in line, even though there's only six people here."

Avaryse said...


Yeah. So much lore is overlooked for convenience. I'm probably guilty of it in some regards, but I try to avoid the whole "I AM IN CHARGE" style of RP. You know what my character is in charge of? Herself. And anyone that lets her boss them around. But that's their choice and neither here nor there.

We actually have people who insist on playing like they are the Magister Council. You know, the big mage guys who run the joint? Bleh.