I've started working, pretty heavily, on the Loremaster achievement.

On Four Characters.

I'm not quite insane, but the small bit I am? Certainly helps. I've cleared Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor Loremaster on the first of the four, my druid. The ability to travel right to Moonglade was very handy, considering that I finished EK first and rather quickly (I had whole quest hubs I'd never touched - such as Searing Gorge).

I've begun work on my second character, my paladin. I won't say it's going "slower", but it isn't as fast as it was on my druid, that much is certain. The matching speeds are due to circumstance. My druid had cleared ALL the low level areas (all racial starting zones, etc) long before I started this madness. My paladin had not. So I knocked out about 100 quests between Teldrassil and Darkshore. I cleaned up a few I missed on Azuremyst Isle (my druid, by the way, knocked out over 100! quests doing the Draenei islands). She (my paladin) is almost at 500/700 quests for Kalimdor. Eastern Kingdoms is languishing in the low 400's.

After my paladin will be my warlock - the most travel-impaired. Or, maybe not. She is an engineer, but that only gives her one option for old-Azerothian travel. The Everlook Dimensional Ripper. And after my warlock, the fourth is still only a "Possible", as she's level 71. My mage. At least she will still get some nice XP chunks (if very small ones) for doing some of the upper areas I skipped when I went to Outland.

Once those four are done with EK/Kalimdor, then the cycle begins again with Outland. Bonus for me, my warlock completed ALL of Outland, so I'll really only have 3 lined up for that. Downside, none of them have more than 1-2 zones "completed".

While doing Loremaster, I've also pursued completing Explorer.

When I finished Kalimdor (my last location was Grimtotem Post in Stonetalon Mountains), my druid achieved "the Explorer" title, for World Explorer. I had finished Outland and Northrend, in my pursuit of "free xp" when I leveled her.

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