If you play World of Warcraft, and have any association with Roleplayers... you have an idea of what a MarySue is... All of us have found MRPs that are laughable, at their best. Depressing at their worst. Heck, I've posted one here.

But I have had it up to the proverbial "here" with people bashing other peoples' RP. Their ideas, their guild names, their guild concepts, their characters. Every group has this person. EVERYTHING is stupid, unless they came up with it. Right?

Or better, there's a livejournal community dedicated to picking out and picking on "MarySue" MRPs. I got news flashes for most of those prisses. If I were as bitchy as they were, I bet I could tear their MRPs apart too. But no, it's okay, because they are part of the crowd.

FFS, at least the people I rip on are utterly ridiculous. To the tune of GOD'S MESSENGER TO THE HORDE! Or, you know. That guy on WRA who RPs that he was a DK, but he got better, then he went back and became the leader of the Shen'dralar. Or the guy who RPs as Awbee (look it up). Wanna be a half robotic DK? I don't care. Heck, I saw one DK listed on their little "community" that I had seen IC myself and I thought it was kind of smart. She has the lore of a good ol' Night Elf Demonhunter in her profile. AND SHE IS A NIGHT ELF, THANK YOU!... not like the stupid Blood elves who INSIST they are High Elves, or better... Night Elves. Or half night elf because their father, who was a KING OF THE NIGHT ELVES (lorefail) had a tryst with a Blood Elf. ...first and foremost, the last time Night Elves had royalty, it wasn't a king, and Blood Elves didn't exist, not to mention most of the world didn't know Night Elves existed. AUGH.

Do not eff with my lore, plzkthx. Ahem...

Anyhow. Before you go making fun of someone else, look in the mirror. If you're in High School, be aware that it is time to get over the clique behavior. If you're out of High School, be ashamed of yourself that you feel the need to belittle others to fit in. In a frickin video game, or ANYWHERE in life.

If you have to put others down to make yourself feel better, you have more issues than you realize.

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