The Omega of MRP Profiles

On Wyrmrest Accord, there was a fellow who insisted on using the name "Lucifer" for his character name. He added letters randomly to the end, but eventually the good folks at Blizzard took the reigns on his rename, and he ended up named "Vaalin". Vaalin is a mid-level Forsaken Warlock. And this, this my friends... is his MRP.



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Sok said...

I'm not even sure where to begin. Random thoughts:

1) I'm guessing it's terrible to be a precocious, lonely 14-year-old who's formative literary experience is reading Crowley's Moonchild.

2) I'm always annoyed when seemingly otherwise erudite people completely ignore the lore/setting of the gameworld. Given 1, I'm guessing you find that one chord and you strum it until your fingers fall off.

3) I think this wins for most racist use of the 'PC' term "african-american." (Then again, my biases my be showing here; I find a lot of people obsessed with untarnishing Lucifer's image tend to be proto-Nazi asshats. Then again: undead Warlock. I suspect a lot of death metal on MediaMonkey.)