Douche Knights?

Sigh, alright. Things have been abused, neglected and treated poorly. Mostly just neglected. I am going to finish that listing of Rep rewards in Outland for crafters. I swear it. It's just not been all that motivating. Now that Northrend has surfaced from the northern oceans (or is it that the goblins just suddenly decided it was okay to take us there?)... I may or may not be more motivated.

Death Knights. Just like there are Paladins and there are Loladins. There are now Douche Knights. How can you identify a Douche Knight from a regular Death Knight? Their names can be a hint. Of course, going by that, a good majority of the population of some RP Realms... are douches. I'm not saying that's not true. (I happen to think it is, and merrily keep a notepad of names to report every few days. If you aren't a douche in a public channel, chances are good I don't bother you or your name, Moowarrior, Elvenrogue, Likmaballz. Okay, I lie. Likmaballz gets reported almost immediately.)


Death Knights. EVERYWHERE.

I have the expansion, I'm not touching a Death Knight character until I can do a /who in Stormwind and see Death Knights being outnumbered by ANY other class. Or at least not outnumbering more than 4 classes. Something. It'll be arbitrary.

In the meantime, I have a story.

Also, read Hannelore. Seriously. http://egotisticalpriest.com/

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