"Ish" Ishanah Starblade?

I was on my way to pick up my Gem-Stuffed Envelope, and decided to cut across the Aldor tier to get there. Up on the hill, in the Temple, I notice the ever-alluring golden ! on my radar. I haven't chosen Aldor or Scryer on Nylvara yet, so I'm curious. I go up the stairs to inquire. It's the quest for Fel Armaments. Interesting. Alright, on my way to see my Consortium friends! But before I leave, I notice something... odd.

After pushing the mysterious MRP button, it pulled up an MRP window! I thought I was going to die, or was hallucinating. I took a few more screenshots. I thought of snipping them down for size, but here are the unedited shots;

Shot One.
Shot Two.
Shot Three.

I'm sure there ARE ways to fake this (though I think MRP always puts the character's 'real' name in that top bar), but I swear on my highest level characters and their ability to reach 70 that these shots are unaltered.

After I selected a player who ran up (I was hoping they would have an RP addon so I could ask if they saw the same thing), I reselected Ishanah and the MRP button was gone.

I also received this error information. I don't know what it means, but I'm certain it means something.

Edit: After some small research, it seems there is a player bearing the name Ishanah on the Kirin Tor server, and I was likely somehow picking up her FRSP information via the NPC of the same name. Interesting.

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