Nylvara, The First

(Written just around the time The Burning Crusade was released.)

Since the destruction of the World Tree Nordrasil, Nylvara Silvershade has lived amongst the Night Elves of Teldrassil, the new World Tree.

Recent stirrings and strange happenings, however, have left her unsettled. With no family, she's set out to investigate the foreboding changes happening within and around Teldrasssil, without the immortality of her ancestors - sacrificed in thwarting the Highborne's plans so many years ago.

She desires to see the home of their people preserved, despite its questionable existence.

After the loss of Nordrasil, and the absence of Arch Druid Malfurion, the Arch Druid Staghelm wished to restore the Elves' eternal life and hoped to do so by creating a new World Tree, though many of the other druids protested his plans, and the Keepers of Time and Life would not bless the Tree. If the Arch Druid Staghelm had his way, all would have been restored at the birthing of the Tree; however, things did not always or often go as planned. The Arch Druid has not given up on his goal, but Nylvara feels these things were a worthwhile sacrifice to drive the Burning Legion from the face of her world.

Humility is not her strongest aspect, but the pride of the Arch Druid leaves her uneasy. It is perhaps ironic then that her only companion - Aeliostyr - is a Druid himself. The two were brought together by happenstance - or Nylvara's inability to start a decent fire in the dead of winter - or by the will of Elune herself. One visit for a warm place to sleep turned into two, turned into three, and by Spring's thaw, the two of them had an unspoken and amiable companionship.

Nylvara cooks in exchange for the Druid's protection in the forests. When traveling, the two of them each earn the respect of the other with their individual talents. The duo compliments each other well; a fact important to survival in a world where things are changing... and not necessarily for the better...

For now there are whispers of an old name and a dark temple, and the Draenei have brought the attention of the Legion back to Azeroth...

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